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About Trucker’s 24 Hr Road Service

Trucker's 24 hour road service

TRUCKER’S 24 HOUR ROAD SERVICEwas founded in 1991, by the company President Scott D. Robinson. TRUCKER’S 24 HOUR ROADSERVICE was originally started to provide emergency roadside service. Scott D. Robinson found that most of the emergency road calls were due to lack of preventative maintenance. The best way for us to offer a service to alleviate the amount of down time, was to offer on-site preventative maintenance and provide emergency road service. This innovative thinking has resulted in the construction of a fleet of self-sufficient mobile service units, able to perform preventative maintenance and emergency road service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no extra cost for after hours or on holidays. Trucker’s 24 Hour Road Service Technicians are not only qualified to perform your PM inspections, but our technicians are also qualified to perform your DOT inspections.



Trucker’s 24 Hour Road Service has also expanded with Full service shops in Mobile, AL. and Tallahassee, FL. We have more shops and locations in the planning stages. Our shops perform full service quick lubes, brake repairs, clutch jobs, electrical, A/C work and more. We at Trucker’s 24 Hour Road Service have networked our parts houses throughout our coverage area so that even in the middle of the night we can usually find your part and arrange to get it here the next day. We have also coordinated with the local parts houses to open up after hours for a small fee to help us get you back on “America’s Big Road”. We understand that in your business, “Time = Miles and Miles = Money”!

​Call us toll free at 1-800-239-7378

​​​Dothan, AL Area        Roadside Service
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5565 E Rite Rd

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